Custom Metal Wall Art Buying Guide

May 10, 2024

Custom Metal Wall Art

If you're considering custom metal wall art, it is important to understand its specific features deeply. This includes knowledge about the metal's properties to ensure its long-lasting durability, the ideal paint for the metal, the currently popular designs, and more. Whether you are shopping for your home or business, we will help you narrow down your options and choose the best one.

Custom Metal Wall Art: What is It?

Custom large metal wall art is a piece of art created through moulding metal. Modern technology, particularly advancements in dyeing techniques and laser cutting machines, are the most crucial factors that allowed this art form to flourish. These machines can process metal with the ease of processing paper.

Furthermore, painting machines can use electrostatic oven paint to paint metal in an airless space, creating stylish, high-quality works that do not fade. Due to these attributes, modern metal wall art has gained significant popularity as a decorative material among top picks for interior design.

Why Should Custom Metal Wall Art be Preferred?

Custom metal artists and art enthusiasts work together to create each piece, so you are able to influence every aspect of the design. Color and pattern choices can complement existing furnishings and decor and complementary secondary colors. Using their vast imaginations and creative ideas, designers in this field will offer you surprising designs. The final product will be a piece of art that shows off your style how you like it.

custom microphone metal wall art

What Materials Are Used in Custom Metal Wall Art?

Large metal wall art uses various materials, including iron, copper, brass, and aluminum, but the pieces with the best looks use steel. Steel's inflexibility keeps it in good condition, and it takes paint very well and has great reflectivity. Because of its high quality and ease of machining, 2mm thick steel is our material of choice.

Custom Metal Wall Art or Mass-Produced Alternatives?

The main distinction between mass-produced metal art and personalized metal wall art is that the latter are unique creations that are truly yours. Despite using the same materials, the sanding, priming, and painting processes used to create a custom product can result in a superior final product compared to a mass-produced one.

personalized boxing man wall art

Mass-produced, relatively more affordable products often compromise on numerous features to maintain their affordability. Due to unsuccessful drying, mass-produced items may become susceptible to moisture. In custom-made metal art walls, the material quality is typically maintained at a high level, while mass-produced products often use thinner materials.

What Are the Customization Options Available for Metal Wall Art?

Decorative metal art for walls offers extensive opportunities for personalization, allowing individuals to express their imagination and exercise complete control over the artwork. The system allows one to arrange figures, shapes, and patterns according to their preferences and select the colors they want.

Furthermore, individuals can leverage designers' creativity to enhance their artistic vision. You may even submit your drawing for engravement on high-quality metal; with only minor modifications required, it will be transformed into the artwork of your dreams.

What Should One Consider When Buying Custom Metal Wall Art?

There are 4 main considerations for custom metal art.


The design needs to be aligned with your existing decoration and bring abstract artistic values such as energy, simplicity, infinity, or harmony to your environment. It should also reflect your personal style and bring you happiness.

2. Size:

When purchasing abstract metal wall art, choosing the proper dimensions for the piece is critical. These artworks are available in various sizes, ranging from 10 inches to 40 inches or even bigger. Each size option creates a unique atmosphere that depends on the space available. Although metal flower wall art can be suitable for a smaller space, metal tree wall art requires larger dimensions.

3. Finish:

The finishing technique used in metal art is decisive in making the design stand out. Depending on the design, matte, semi-matte, or glossy finishes yield various aesthetic results.

4. Budget:

The budget is the primary factor to consider when buying metal wall decor. Offering high-quality products at budget-friendly rates, Moonarch makes your choices easier.

Where Can Custom Metal Wall Art Be Displayed Effectively?

Custom 3d metal wall art is made to fit the space and situation where it will be shown. Although these works of art look great in living rooms and bedrooms, personalized outdoor metal wall art also works well in many outdoor and indoor settings due to their resistance to water, moisture, and weather.

custom pirate wall art

Due to their aesthetic resonance and capacity to evoke strong emotions, metal artworks have become increasingly prevalent in the living spaces of young individuals. Furthermore, in business circles, metal art shapes designs and logos to specific requirements.

Does Custom Metal Wall Art Cost More Compared to Others?

When comparing black metal wall art to those made of wood, glass, plastic, canvas, or other materials, it becomes apparent that metal art of the same size is priced similarly or even more affordable. Given its durability and aesthetic appeal, it's clear that metal art is the more appropriate option.

Where Can I Buy Custom Metal Wall Art?

Finding metal wall art outdoors or indoors that will retain its beauty for years to come while also being resistant to fading, moisture, and other forms of product degradation is no easy task. However, better-quality choices are available at metal wall art stores that only sell metal art, and they can be very reasonably priced.

As a family-run business, Moonarch is committed to showcasing metal art in the most attractive way possible. Crafting and customizing each of our designs takes several weeks or even months.

We encourage your feedback at every stage of the production process so you can alter any part of the design to suit your preferences. Plus, there are a ton of color options for you to pick from.

Transform your ideas into art and your art into inspiration with a simple tap on our contact box.