Hello, my name is Serdar, and I am a Civil Engineer. I am the legal owner of this shop. Since my childhood, I have had a passion for art and art pieces. I started with charcoal drawings and later transitioned to digital art, making it my hobby. I wanted to share my art with people and also generate some income, so in 2019, I started selling metal wall art on famous e-commerce platforms. Over the past 5 years, I have sold thousands of metal wall art pieces, and my customers have shown great interest in my designs. Now, it's time to grow further and reach a broader audience. I am ready to showcase my products on my own e commerce store. I have metal wall art, neon wall arts, metal wall clocks and metal yard arts in my shop.

My brother Erdal, who is an Industrial Engineer, assists me with the shop's accounting and management. Erdal's wife, Ayşenur, is an architect, and she designs our products. I handle the laser cutting and electrostatic painting processes. As for packaging, we all work together as a team. We are a small family business that started in Istanbul in 2019, and this journey has led us to become a company in the United States by 2023. We are now a thriving art shop that pays taxes to the American government.

All our designs are works of art crafted with care. The design process can take days or even months, making our products unique. We do not rely on ready made templates; instead, we have the ability to create completely original designs. That's why you won't find the same products in any other shop. Since we cut the metal wall art using a laser machine ourselves, you have the opportunity to make any changes or personalize them according to your preferences. These metal wall art pieces can create significant impact with minimal touches on your home walls and gardens.

We cherish nature and strive to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials throughout our production process for the sake of future generations, as we are all nature lovers and art enthusiasts.

Moonarch family is committed to becoming a brand that finds its place in the art world with its unique designs.