9 Reasons Why You Must Have Large Metal Wall Clocks

Jul 06, 2024

Large black wall clock is located over white wall

Even though we rarely check the conventional clocks or watches to see what the time is, large metal wall clocks are getting increasingly popular as pieces of decoration that will spruce your walls. Home decoration or office organization is not limited to selecting the wall paint or choosing the furniture but it is, in fact, creating a harmonious showcase of your taste. Walls are also a significant part of this process and you should consider enriching your vertical areas to bring charm and glam as well as functionality to your walls.

Here, in this blog post, we have gathered the 9 basic reasons why you must have large metal wall clocks in your house or office, focusing on their function and benefits for your decorative goals.

Why Should I Choose A Large Metal Wall Clock Over Other Decor Options?

Big metal wall clocks are, therefore, a perfect option for decorating your walls with an eye-catching piece that will be a focal point in your room. Furthermore, they are still very functional in offices and residential areas by providing high visibility of the time even across the room.

Why You Should Have A Large Metal Wall Clock?

Large metal wall clocks are available in a diverse array ranging from round or square-shaped models to sunburst or nature-themed options to match all types of decorational tastes. Hence, you can purchase a high-quality oversized metal wall clock for your room or office in order to bring:

Statement Piece

Decoration is actually the art of turning a wood or concrete structure into a cozy place and more importantly to ensure they showcase your character and personality. Large metal wall clocks are ideal for exhibiting your personality in an eye-catching place which will also extend your style to the walls. Furthermore, wall clocks that metal is used as the primary material help you create a focal point in your living room or office that expresses your interest and character.

Functional Art

The contribution of a large metal clock to your office’s or room’s wall decor is not limited to providing you with a space to showcase your personality. They are also a classic piece to watch and manage time. House chores, dates, or work hours are crucial to ensure punctuality in your life while monitoring time is indispensable for a smooth workflow.

elegant black wall art

Thus, when you install a large metal wall clock in your meeting room, you and your colleagues can better plan their presentation or you can tell where to stop the meeting to catch up with the schedule. Moreover, having a big metal wall clock in your living room allows you to when to stop watching TV and go to bed or enables your guests to check time without spoiling your conversation by looking at their phones.


Large metal wall clocks are available in a diverse array of designs ranging from classic round models with minimalist designs to modern units that showcase geometric shapes or even human silhouettes. Therefore, you can easily find the most suitable model of white, colorful, or black metal wall clocks to make a perfect match for your room’s or office’s ensemble.

Visual Impact

With its gorgeous design, an oversized metal wall clock will definitely create a focal point in your living room, office, or kitchen. Furthermore, they showcase elegant and eye-catching designs on a large scale, making them perfect pieces to create a visual impact in your room.

Reflective Properties

Large metal wall clocks sometimes feature mirrored decoration and some models have shiny exterior finish so that they can enhance the sunlight distribution in your room or office. Therefore, they can help you create a spacious atmosphere as well as more enlightened interior areas.

large wall clock over yellow coach


Large metal wall clocks are built from steel sheets to last longer in every setting. Additionally, they feature an exterior coating to withstand the outer corrosive effects. You can be sure that your wall clock will continue to keep time while resisting the test of time.

Easy Maintenance

Large metal wall clocks are in fact simple designs that feature only a durably made metal frame or background along with a clock mechanism. Therefore, they only require regular dusting and cleaning with a damp cloth to carry out their primary duty proudly and continuously.

Enhanced Acoustics

Despite the noisy operation of old classic wall clocks, large metal wall clocks are now designed with a silent mechanism to ensure a soothing, cozy atmosphere in your room to relax or in your office to focus on your duties.

Conversation Starter

Large or giant metal wall clocks help you form a focal point in your room or office which quickly attracts the attention of your guests or colleagues just after they enter. Hence, they are excellent for increasing interaction as social catalysts to spark a conversation that will lead to a warm and long chat.

lage black wall art hang in living room

Where to Buy Large Black Wall Clocks?

Moonarch Wall Art is the very right place to find and buy large metal wall clocks not only for your living room or bedroom but to decorate your walls with a perfect showcase of your style. But also you can find modern and classic options for your office.

Furthermore, we use a 2 mm thick steel sheet to ensure the sturdiness of your metal wall art while all its products boast electro powder coating which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and dampness to maximize the lifetime of your best-looking wall clock.