Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art
Camel Metal Wall Art

Camel Metal Wall Art

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Product description

Journey to the golden dunes with our Desert Serenity Metal Wall Art! This exquisite piece captures the tranquil essence of a camel laying peacefully amidst the vast desert expanse. Rising in the background, the majestic pyramids stand timeless, their mysteries only deepened by the blazing sun that crowns this scenic tableau.🐫

Every grain of sand, the curve of the camel's posture, the precise angles of the pyramids - all are depicted with meticulous detail, evoking both wonder and nostalgia. The golden hues, accented by the sun's fiery orange, come alive on this artwork, rendering it a radiant focal point for any room.☀️

Crafted from high-quality metal, this art piece serves as a testament to nature's beauty and the marvels of human civilization. It's a conversation starter, a touch of the exotic, and a bridge to histories long past.🛕

Whether you're a traveler at heart, a lover of history, or simply someone who appreciates the delicate dance between nature and human achievement, this piece promises to transport you, even if just for a moment, to those sandy shores where time stands still. 🎁🌍


● 23.6 inches - (60 cm) x 16.9 inches - (43 cm)
● 29.5 inches - (75 cm) x 21.3 inches - (54 cm)
● 35.4 inches - (90 cm) x 25.2 inches - (64 cm)
● 47.2 inches - (120 cm) x 33.9 inches - (86 cm)


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🎨 COLOR: Electrostatic powder coating
It is resistant to all outdoor conditions, does not rust, and can be used for many years.

🛠️ MATERIAL: 2 mm metal sheet (steel)

🛠️ READY TO HANG : The product is ready to hang on the wall, all you need is a nail and a hammer

✨ Break-resistant and sturdy

🌼 No smell and harmful chemicals involved, concerning health-wise

✨ Delivery with a special and sturdy packaging

✨ Moisture and damp resistant

📦 Packing : Sturdy box suitable for transport and gift.

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